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Corner of Faria Lima Avenue




Since its creation in 1979, the privately held company, founded by President Jorge M. Pérez, has built and managed more than 80,000 residential units in Florida. Through innovative partnerships with renowned architects, designers and artists, their endeavors have become urban landmarks.
Related has received a number of awards, including the important National Museum Ten Honor Award, awarded in recognition of its commitment to architecture and design excellence. Their Brickell Avenue project, Icon Brickell, won 18 awards for Best BASF (Builders Association of South Florida). In addition to its core real estate development business, the company operates its own real estate financing, sales and property management subsidiaries expanding success to other markets. Related extends its reach in the United States,
Latin America and abroad.

Founded and directed by Stephen Ross and based in New York, Related Companies is a leader in developing and acquiring major residential, commercial and multiuser real estate projects, such as the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, Manhattan. Its portfolio of ventures exceeds $15 billion - among the largest in the US. The company is currently developing the country's largest project - Hudson Yards - a multibillion-dollar enterprise that will transform western Manhattan.
The company is known for its great ability to attract capital to the largest American institutional managers and funds based in Asia and the Middle East for their projects.

Related Brazil incorporated originates from The Related Group and Related Companies.
The two companies have become icons in the American market and are now joining together to repeat their success in Brazil.


As a result of the splitting of the JHS company in 1985, a SISPAR has always been an agile and generalist developer. Dedication, creativity and focus on results have ensured expressive results, treating each business as a singular undertaking. Tradition and flexibility in the generation and development of residential and commercial projects of various natures and standards. We believe in establishing strong, trustworthy partnerships and participation in projects of greater scale and complexity in an increasingly selective universe.
SISPAR takes great pride in its partners, investors and associates.

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